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UPDATE: As we prepare for Full Release we took down the outdated alpha download and will update the page once the game is released!


Interplanetary expeditions have sparked the next era of exploration in human history. With new resources, technologies, and inventions all being discovered at rapid pace, a gold rush has begun to colonize the universe. But surviving these new landscapes come with unique challenges..

This is a pre-alpha build so expect bugs and a lot more content to come. If you are not interesting in playing just yet, please follow us on Twitter and join our Discord to see when we come out of alpha. Thank you for your interest and we are super excited to get Expedition out there!

The downloadable version of this game is about 1 month old, so a there are a lot of changes and improvements that have already been made that are missing from this build. We are most likely not releasing another update until we launch in 2-3 months. Thank you for your interest!!


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