DevBlog 12

New Direction

This week we have decided to take the game in a new direction. Expedition will be an up-to 5 player co-op game with pve focus. This decision was made for multiple reasons that are all about improving gameplay.


  • we can focus more on AI
  • add a fully developed story
  • place higher emphasis on base building/city management
  • avoid serious networking limitations


  • Players can't kill each other or their bases and steal each other's loot

We plan to release on Steam Early Access with the co-op mode and later redesign the game to add in the traditional pvp survival mode.

Dev Stories

Dev Stories is a new article series we are launching next week. Each article will be based on an interview with an indie studio. We want to focus on stories about who they are, what their current project is about, and what their vision for the future is. Learn more about it here.

Solar Panel

The solar panel is the first production building in Expedition. Each building in a colony will require electricity to remain functional. As the settlement grows, so does the colony's demand for electricity.

Sleep Pod

The sleep pod is a new interior item. These items can be placed inside buildings on a grid system. The sleep pod can function as either a respond port or a way of adding more AI colonist into your settlement.

This week we..

  • Fixed more networking bugs
  • Added solar panels
  • Added sleeping pods
  • Attended E3

Next week we are..

  • Adding more facility buildings
  • Adding more items
  • Adding more resources
  • Continue work on AI

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