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There was a momma bird so proud of her nest and eggs, but then a large storm swept through destroying her nest. In the aftermath, she found that there's was only one healthy egg left. Now momma bird needs to build a new home for herself by gathering twigs in the trees before time runs out. She's doing it all for her precious egg. Gameplay similar to if Flappy Bird had a stamina meter and the level design of a Metroidvania game. Get ready for a race against the clock, maze-like levels and obstacles, and mastery of flapping!


Kyle Harrington - Designer/Producer/Writer,

Patrick Pfeiffer - Programmer,

Ted Won - Programmer, 

Cynthia Tsao - Artist,

James Yamagata - Audio/Composition

Install instructions

Unzip the file

Run the exe file names "TheNest"



The Nest.zip 39 MB

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